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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1179165304812614502741697179*Alfie MarstonTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade3 1Bassendean
214059990012614502739960140Jamie L RasmussenTuart Hill2017/20182nd Grade4 1Fremantle Mosman Park
31008091312614502741709100Michael MaartenszTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade6 1Western Suburbs
410059990012614502739953100Jamie L RasmussenTuart Hill2017/20182nd Grade2 1Kalamunda
590241501261450274211790Nathan L GilfellonTuart Hill2017/201810th Grade2 1Murdoch University Melville
6785926861261450273996578Callum WiggersTuart Hill2017/20182nd Grade5 1Swanbourne
773821571261450274213773Graeme A DoyleTuart Hill2017/201810th Grade7 1Swanbourne
8656610041261450274170965Brendan PatonTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade6 1Western Suburbs
96411612591261450274233264Raymond T RolesTuart Hill2017/2018One Day 19 1Murdoch University Melville
10642540191261450274232164*Surinda AbeywickremaTuart Hill2017/2018One Day 17 1Applecross
1162823921261450274177462David PeluseyTuart Hill2017/20186th Grade3 1Curtin Victoria Park
126216530481261450273996962Alfie MarstonTuart Hill2017/20182nd Grade6 1Whitfords
13612232081261450274168961Phil HaymanTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade1 1Fremantle Mosman Park
1457241501261450275200057Nathan L GilfellonTuart Hill Cricket Club Inc.2017/20188th Grade3 1Murdoch University Melville
15571787501261450274213757*Peter StuartTuart Hill2017/201810th Grade7 1Swanbourne
16576863341261450274178257*Joshua ThompsonTuart Hill2017/20186th Grade5 1Whitfords
17574714771261450274177057Jared A HuttonTuart Hill2017/20186th Grade2 1Swan Valley
18572737951261450275199757Jake N PrendergastTuart Hill Cricket Club Inc.2017/20188th Grade2 1Swanbourne
195511089511261450279541755Iain OliphantTuart Hill2017/201810th Grade3 1Swanbourne
2055822521261450274170155Brad PapottoTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade4 2Murdoch University Melville
21542232081261450274169754Phil HaymanTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade3 1Bassendean
22541086341261450274168954Matthew T MeadeTuart Hill2017/20185th Grade1 1Fremantle Mosman Park
235411612591261450274232054Raymond T RolesTuart Hill2017/2018One Day 16 1Subiaco Marist
245212566401261450274230052Jaryd A IrelandTuart Hill2017/2018One Day 11 1Swanbourne
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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